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For over 30 years our practice has been providing comprehensive health care to the Bankstown area. Our facility provides dedicated General Practice and Allied Health services all working hand in hand to deliver the best holistic patient care..

Family Practice

Our practice is open 6 days a week providing dedicated health care to all your health needs including immunisation, diabetes control, cardiac disease care, workplace related accidents as well as CTP and same day pathology results.


Getting immunised is a simple, safe, and effective way to protect you and your loved ones against harmful diseases. The more people get immunised, the less chance some diseases will spread. Please ask us for more information.

Emergency Services

If your emergency is during our practice hours our doctors will respond to these situations as a priority. However, if after hours please contact the Sydney Medical Service on (02) 87246300 they are available to ensure your access to medical services at any time

Minor Surgery

Our qualified doctors can perform minor surgeries, so you do not need to wait hours in hospital emergency waiting rooms. Depending on the surgery you might be required to come back for follow up.

Yellow fever

We administer yellow fever vaccinations. This vaccination is strongly recomended for people traveling to some countries in Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Vaccination is valid for 10 years.

Allied Healthcare

Our Allied Health team includes Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Podiatrist and Dietitians. You don't always need a referral to access these services, for more information please chat with out friendly reception staff..

Opening Hours

Your Booking

While pre booking appointments with our services are preferred, we can provide emergency consultations if and when required. Due to these emergency consultations, as well as those which may take longer than expected and other unforeseeable circumstances, we are unable to guarantee your appointment time. We ask that you remain patient with us during these instances. We will, however, endeavor to keep to our scheduled consults as much as possible

New Patients

Consultation of patients with a complicated medical history, the first visit following a motor vehicle accident or a work-related injury might take longer than a standard consultation (20 to 30 minutes). If you think that your consultation might take longer than 20 minutes, please inform the receptionist when you make your booking. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please contact the centre as early as possible.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 8.30 - 6.30
Saturday 8.30 - 1.30
Sunday Closed
Call us on (02) 97082937

Restwell Street
Ultimate goal

We aim to provide you with the best care you deserve and work with you to identify the issues which are important to you. We want to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the need for medical interventions as much as possible.

General Practitioner

Our General Practitioners are dedicated to help you and to provide the best comprehensive health care to you and your family. Our doctors can help you with ongoing care if you have a chronic condition, prescriptions for medicines, minor injuries and illnesses, health advice, health screening, such as cervical screening, or blood pressure checks, vaccinations, care during pregnancy, care for children, or if you are feeling overwhelmed or depressed, specialist referral, a medical certificate, certified document or report about an injury and so much more.


Our team of receptionists will endeavor to always assist you. Please call us on (02) 97082937 for any queries you may have or to book an appointment with our doctors or allied health.

ALlied Healthcare!


Podiatrists are well equipped to diagnose and treat abnormal conditions of the feet and lower limbs. Our team also prevent and correct deformity, keep people mobile and active, relieve pain and treat infections. Conditions may include fractures and sprains of the lower leg, bunions and hammertoes, diabetes, arthritis, Morton’s neuroma or Heel pain.


Physiotherapists are prime members of rehabilitation and recovery. They help patients affected by accident, illness, disability or injury through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. They utilise various techniques with the aim to optimise patient function and well-being to help you get back to your lifestyle as quick as possible.


Psychologists are experts at identifying psychological, emotional and behavioral disorders. People who are at risk are those who excessively worry or fear, feel extremely sad or in a low mood, have confused thoughts, problems concentrating and learning or extreme mood changes, including uncontrollable “highs” or feelings of euphoria. Psychologists can help manage these kind of conditions by helping improve behaviours and processes.


Dietitians are experts in food and nutrition. They provide guidance about how to appropriately manage diets and nutrition for people who may be affected by health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease, renal disease, gastro-intestinal diseases and food allergies.


We are an accredited COVID-19 vaccination provider. COVID-19 vaccines are being administered as part of the National Immunisation Program. Please call us for more information and for bookings

Vaccine eligibility checker

If you are aged 40 years or more you are eligible for vaccination. The questions will help you find the right clinic and make a booking, If you are aged 16 to 39 years you may be eligible for vaccination. People under 16 years of age are not able to get vaccinated at this time Vaccine Eligibility Groups

COVID-19 Latest News

Keep updated with the latest news of the COVID-19 vaccines..

The latest news and information about COVID-19 vaccines in Australia.

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